Pearl By The Nile-4

Book IV: Winners and no losers

Those who stand on higher ground have three things to do: maintain their foothold; duty to others who have not found foothold; and engender responsible and mutually inclusive accountability practices. Life may not be as fair as our ideals. Let us be seen to preserve the good, promote justice and development. This is the last book of the Pearl By The Nile. If Muteesa (I) returned to present-day Buganda Kingdom and Uganda, what shall we all present as accountability? In this book we see how roles and responsibilities were cut out for many people and regions. Buganda had only to check from an arsenal of past reigns. Muteesa (I) inherited so much from his fore-parents. He did add so much too. He shared this with the next generation. Not only did Muteesa (I) cause change for his Kingdom but he influenced this change that reverberated to Uganda and all corners of the world. Buganda Kingdom has to make common what it inherited. At the same time other regions have to share what treasures they came across too.


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