Pearl By The Nile-3

.Book III: Recipes of time

It is said that patience extends its hand so slowly and takes its time to reward its recipients. Time carries with it much luggage thus it walks so slowly. It is also said (sotto voce); it always arrives safely. Others say patience may walk slowly but it is reliable: haste makes waste. This is the third book of the Pearl of Africa. ‘Recipes of time’ are hinged on discretion, common goals, action, patience, virtuoso, conscientiousness, caution and pragmatism. This book introduces voices or narrations that will awe many. It captures innovation, reason and controversy. Buganda Kingdom was renowned for: egalitarianism, a green pasture, dignity and respect for visitors. But events are unravelling in the years after the 1870’s. These seem to side with other parts of Uganda and leave out Buganda Kingdom. Continuously reminded of a dire oral Kaggwa prophecy passed down from past generations, Buganda Kingdom needs only to learn one lesson: the one you denied roast coffee berries today could be the coxswain whose boat will take you across the river tomorrow!’. Buganda Kingdom takes on a new role of making common what it has secured for itself. Uganda has to share what Buganda has. On the other hand Buganda has to share what other regions have too. An inventory of faced realities and genuine desire to address them becomes the next task in the Pearl of Africa.


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