Pearl By The Nile-1

Book I: Prophecy; Right in the eye of God’s Truth

Set in four continents (Africa, Europe, America and Asia) from 1700-1899, takes us through a great black nation Kingdom of Buganda, Indian Sub-continent, USA and Europe. Henry Morton Stanley, Mukaabya Walugembe Muteesa (I) and Patel Shamji are destined to meet in Buganda, Africa. Buganda Kingdom is an emerging center of; trade, commerce, health, obstetrics, gynaecology, hygiene, schooling, Artisanry, a public works system, bark cloth-making, agricultural productivity, salt route, egalitarianism, a powerful and awesome heritage rich with courtly customs and an orderly centralised governance system. Continuously reminded of a dire oral Kaggwa prophecy passed down orally from past generations, Buganda searches its true meaning. It is a storm brewing on the horizons, causing anxiety among Buganda.  Peace with Buganda and its neighbours was the cause of emissaries who travelled to and from Congo, Mombasa, Egypt and Abyssinia-land (Ethiopia). Europe is a cauldron of progressive social change with industries so hungry for raw-materials. Asia is providing cheap labour in very big numbers. America has skilled professionals, technologically at par with Europe and an educated citizenry with an insatiable argue to read newspapers. With a 100 year-old experience in Rights and social-justice, America is restless both in its domestic matters and as an emerging international key player. Many Americans are eager to know about Africa. Henry Morton Stanley, of the ‘New York Herald’, unknowingly gives this answer and links all the four continents in a gripping story about Buganda. Unintentionally he also unleashes a cornucopia of human emotions ranging from interest, altruism, greed; land grabbing, conspiracy, danger and intrigue. Through it all Buganda is set on a path to embrace God’s truth.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Thomas Muyunga researches about global Rights.



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