Tom Rogers Muyunga-Mukasa, APHA

Muyunga-Mukasa Tom

                 One day, I happened to be walking by a lane to a destination I did not know. While I looked at the surroundings a dazzling light from a far kept glittering. This took away much of my attention. I missed my turn. But, it was a blessing in disguise. For coiled in a deadly s-shape was the African cobra that must have been chasing a rat which I saw earlier crossing the road in a rather dazed way. I never gave it a thought until I heard the hissing and rhythmic slashing sounds against the grass. My walking by must have saved the rat, but it angered the snake.
                  As if from nowhere a speeding motorbike passed me by even before I could point out the big black and green snake. The vroom-vroom sound and the smell of fuel must have scared away the snake which crawled so fast back into a nearby anthill. The anthill was  the size of a bus and we knew it harbored a snake but few had ever seen it. This anthill was as old as our village. I continued walking until I came to a turn off which led to the village chief’s home. I told a child at this home to switch off a light that was left on. Electricity supply is irregular in this area and so it is common for people to forget to switch off security lights. That is what I saw, from a distance, as a glitter.When I got to the spot, I realized it was a security lamp at the chief’s home.
                  Life is like that most times. It is both a journey with objects that fascinate or scare. Life is a destination too. I planned for my journey to get me to the highest qualifications of the land. As I talk now, I am an APHA. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Yes, la luta continua.  Tom Rogers Muyunga-Mukasa, APHA.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Presidency 2016-2021

I am sure he will focus on roads, railways, housing estates, working class, middle-class and agriculture. I am sure of this.

Uganda is a small country right in the centre of Africa. South Sudan, sudan are at the north; Congo ( DRC) is on the east; Kenya is on the west; and Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda are on the South.

President of Uganda YKM after elections-2016

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. (All pictures are sourced from CBS FM Buganda News crew).

President Museveni won with a resounding 60something percent. His next contender, Dr. Kiiza Besigye, got 3o something percent. The elections took place on 18 February 2016 and by February 20th 2016, they had announced the winning president. During a celebratory


YKM Family in Rwakitura after elections-2016.

The first cousins, nieces, nephews and family jubilant after elections-2016



rally he gave at his Rwakitura home, the President warned the Youth about the danger posed by HIV/Aids whose prevalence rates and new infections are on the increase in most parts of Uganda.

“You the youth should avoid cheap temptations because they are temporally. You should have discipline and know the importance of health. I am 71 years old but I have managed to address over 300 rallies in just 100 days without any problem because I have handled my life properly. It’s not wise to squander the life God gave to you because it’s a precious gift and parents need to play their part and advise their children to lead a healthy and disciplined way,” he said.

Museveni urged parents to be honest to their children about their way of life because you are their number one councilors failure of which you would have neglected your God given duty” he said.


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at his farm after he was announced the winner (2016).

In the next five years, it is my humble prayer that Uganda launches into a long term construction bid. I am sure this will get so many people involved. Like I wrote in my introduction I am sure he will focus on roads, railways, housing estates, working class, middle-class and agriculture. I am sure of this.