Tom Rogers Muyunga-Mukasa, APHA

Muyunga-Mukasa Tom

                 One day, I happened to be walking by a lane to a destination I did not know. While I looked at the surroundings a dazzling light from a far kept glittering. This took away much of my attention. I missed my turn. But, it was a blessing in disguise. For coiled in a deadly s-shape was the African cobra that must have been chasing a rat which I saw earlier crossing the road in a rather dazed way. I never gave it a thought until I heard the hissing and rhythmic slashing sounds against the grass. My walking by must have saved the rat, but it angered the snake.
                  As if from nowhere a speeding motorbike passed me by even before I could point out the big black and green snake. The vroom-vroom sound and the smell of fuel must have scared away the snake which crawled so fast back into a nearby anthill. The anthill was  the size of a bus and we knew it harbored a snake but few had ever seen it. This anthill was as old as our village. I continued walking until I came to a turn off which led to the village chief’s home. I told a child at this home to switch off a light that was left on. Electricity supply is irregular in this area and so it is common for people to forget to switch off security lights. That is what I saw, from a distance, as a glitter.When I got to the spot, I realized it was a security lamp at the chief’s home.
                  Life is like that most times. It is both a journey with objects that fascinate or scare. Life is a destination too. I planned for my journey to get me to the highest qualifications of the land. As I talk now, I am an APHA. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Yes, la luta continua.  Tom Rogers Muyunga-Mukasa, APHA.

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